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Bryce Johnson



A Message From Bryce

Risemint Capital Advisors was founded in response to the growing trend of firms ineffectively managing investment portfolios. Incredibly, a standard of investment care does not exist in the industry beyond barring activities that are outright illegal.
After seeing countless portfolios that lagged benchmarks and charged high fees, Risemint Capital Advisors was born. We knew that by obsessively focusing on the details, enhanced value would translate directly to clients' portfolios. Today, we service individuals, estates and corporations with a precise and disciplined process that benefits our clients above all else.
Since its founding, Risemint Capital Advisors has expanded its scope to being a holistic wealth management firm. Our process has evolved and begins with an acute focus on the financial plan, which serves as the roadmap for clients in eventually achieving their goals. The plan is the result of coordinating a symphony of inputs that are objective (quantitative variables) and subjective (feelings regarding risk). These two elements are more commonly referred to as risk capacity and tolerance and aligning them is essential in ensuring the plan is oriented in the proper heading. Whether the goals are for saving for retirement, or to maximize the impacts of family legacies, clients of all types can truly benefit from a working plan.
Thank you for your partnership and the trust you place in us. 
Best Regards,
Bryce Johnson